Teeth Straightening

HDL Clear Aligners:

This is another clear removable aligner system which can be used to reposition or straighten your front teeth only.

The aligners are worn all day except when eating and tooth cleaning, and are easy to adapt into your lifestyle and are changed every two weeks.

We are currently offering a Free Treatment Plan Consultation from a computerised scan of dental impressions for our registered patients.

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For a straighter smile:

Using custom made, clear removable aligners or "trays" which are changed every 2 weeks.

As there are no brackets or wires, they are nearly invisible. To achieve the tooth movement they are worn for 20+ hours each day, but are removed for eating and tooth cleaning.

This makes them comfortable and easy to adapt to, and they fit easily into your lifestyle.

The total time needed for the tooth movement is very individual to you, and we would be happy to see you for an initial consultation to gauge your suitability.

The Difference is Clear

This system for tooth straightening is particularly effective at quick results.

To achieve fast results the system uses clear "trays" to give a discreet appearance.

We will be happy to see you to discuss how this could help your teeth and provide the necessary advice and guidance to help you achieve the best results.
Offers Free Teeth Whitening

A cosmetic solution

A simple removable appliance used to align the teeth. It uses cleverly designed action to gently ease and pull teeth into position.

For minor tooth movements this is often the quickest and least costly way to achieve them.

It can also be used for tooth movements to realign them before other dental work, such as veneers or dental bonding and even teeth whitening.
Clear Aligner Invisible Braces

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We're currently offering a FREE Aligner Consultation and Assessment.

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